AceBot Metatag Generator 2.0

AceBot Metatag Generator 2.0: Take the mystery out of making meta tags.Never mess with html source code again. tags. Never mess with html source code again. AceBot Meta Tag Generator creates and edits your tags right on your website! Tag Editor - "Build unlimited sets of meta tags for any number of domains in one simple form selecting only the tags you want to use for each set created." Tag Viewer - "View raw meta tags as they are being made in brilliant color highlighting" Tag Applicator - "Insert you created meta tags right into html documents without any

Photo EXIF Manager 3.0: Photo EXIF Manager lets you view and edit all known digital photo EXIF tags.
Photo EXIF Manager 3.0

tags. The edit capability extends to the more recent GPS tags too. All tags are listed in a table, and grouped into three main groups Image, Camera and GPS. EXIF 2.3 standard tags are supported. Editing is done easily. Double-clicking on a tag opens the edit dialog. This dialog box displays information about the tag and its editing tools. You can add, edit, delete some tags, or remove all tags. This software tool allows you to navigate the directory

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ABF Audio Tags Editor 1.999: ABF Audio Tags Editor is a tool to work with tags of MP3, WMA, OGG, ASF files.
ABF Audio Tags Editor 1.999

ABF Audio Tags Editor is a convenient and powerful audio file tags editor. It enables you to edit tags, rename files, folders, export data to various formats, save playlists and much more. ABF Audio Tags Editor allows you to do without separate tag editing dialogs and edit them directly in the list cells. It makes the tag editing process similar to editing spreadsheets. ABF Audio Tags Editor will let you put your audio files collection in order!

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Meta Tag  Maker 4.8.7: Make Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags Fast and Easy!
Meta Tag Maker 4.8.7

tags included are: Author, Publisher, Reply to, Copyright, Classification, Content type, Content language, Distribution, Rating, Pragma, Robots, Revisit after, Refresh, Redirect, Created, Updated, Expire and custom meta tags. Online Keyword suggestions are at your fingertips. Insert your meta tags to your webpage on your local computer, copy/paste meta tags into your webpage or Save your meta tags to your hard drive for easy reference. Uploading

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Clear HTML Tags  1.0: Clear HTML tags for print or reusable integration.
Clear HTML Tags 1.0

tags manually? Oh, no, you needn`t. Our software will help you out, and delete all these selected tags automatically. Clear HTML tags will clear , clear

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, clear , and clear any tag you want .. ClearHTMLTags is used to convert HTML into text while clearing specific HTML tags. You just copy HTML data to clear, paste into the input area, specify which tags you want to delete, click the "Clear HTML"

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Tags4Docs 1.1: Associate tags to documents and locate them in a minute filtering tags at will
Tags4Docs 1.1

Tags4Docs you simply assign different tags to any document, which would describe its contents best of all. Then, whenever you need this document you make an instant search clicking through tags and it comes to your eyes one second later. You don`t have to remember the name of the file, or the path where that document is stored. All you need to know is tags, and since tags are written in a natural language basing on the content of a document - you

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drimp 1.02.01

Tags and ID3-V2-Tags. Find and replace in ID3-V1(V1.1)-Tags and ID3-V2-Tags. Change quick for example the mp3-Tags (ID3-V1(V1.1)-Tags and ID3-V2-Tags) iin Table, at a time you can change many id3-Tags. Changing the Tags of many mp3-Files with one click, for example the Artist, Comment... Save the mp3-Filelist in Lists (csv, m3u-Playlist, drp). Shuffle function within the Playlist. Save and load the Table data (mp3-Filenames incl. ID3V1-Tags and ID3V2

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